Video CV Site Reviews

When searching for information on using a video CV, how to create a video CV for yourself, or where to place your video CV, the task can be challenging to a newcomer to the idea. We have picked out a short list of choices which deal with Video CV's and creating a Video CV to help assist you.

Common Questions with Answers

In the research for the Video CV sites review, the following questions were asked to help gain a comparison view.

  • How easy is the site to use?
  • What type of job seeker is this site aimed for?
  • Which professions can make use of this tool?
  • Are the actual chances for getting a job improved by using this site?
  • Are there any fees? If so, what are they?
  • Advantages over other Video CV sites
  • Disadvantages over other Video CV sites
  • What is the reach of the site?

Overall Rating

In creating the overall rating of each site listed below we have taken the point of view of a newcomer who has yet to create a video CV. Such an approach can help you not only create a video CV but also help guide you to where you would publish your video CV so that you can gain the most from your job search.

It should be noted that this review of Video CV sites is independent content and not associated with any of the sites reviewed. The information in this review is current as of June 2008 and may be updated periodically in the future.