Video CV

A video CV or video resume is essentially the new equivalent of the first-round interview. Creating a video CV gives potential employers or decision makers an insight into your personality, interests, goals, and characteristics which are all important in choosing the right candidate. It also allows the job seeker to showcase their 'transferable skills' which would not normally show up in a standard resume or CV.

Video CV's or video resumes are quite simple to create and can be completed within three steps. First you would register with a specific site where you want to place the video CV or video resume; then you would upload your CV using the online builder or software which guides you through the fields where you input essential information about yourself; finally you use your webcam, digital video recorder or camera, or mobile phone to create the video clip and upload this onto the site.

Why You Would Create A Video CV or Video Resume

There are many reasons to create your own video CV or video resume. Beyond being a simple addition to an application or either an online or paper resume, video CV's and resumes help the applicant stand apart from the possible hundreds of other applicants awaiting reply. Some useful things that a video CV or video resume can do for you:

  • Present a professional face to an application
  • Give a personal appearance to a vision or pitch
  • Create a positive image to go along with the name and supporting documents

Who Would Need A Video CV Or Video Resume?

While being what seems to be a new twist of technology on an old job seeking tool, a video CV or video resume is becoming more apparent in need for many different fields and work situations of today's job markets.

Skills Assessment Aid

The answer to this question would apply to any one wanting to create a video CV or video resume for job interviews and skills assessment.

  • Journalists
  • PR assistants and marketing managers
  • Radio and TV show hosts
  • Programmers or web design specialists
  • Accountants
  • Nurses
  • Teaching
  • Salespersons

Students And Researchers

Another group that would want to create their own video CV or video resume would be the following

  • Researchers involved with grant proposals
  • Grad students looking for internships
  • Scholarship applicants
  • Recent college graduates
  • Persons looking to fund a project

Ongoing Users

Listed in a third group that would wish to create an ongoing use for a video CV or video resume would be:

  • Commercial artists
  • Writers and Creative Media
  • Persons involved in constant networking
  • Musicians
  • Designers

Just about anyone who needs to put a face to a vision or profile needs a video CV in today's market to either stand out from the crowd or to simply give life to their resumes.