Site Review

VisualCV is a large resume and job seeker site with many users both on the professional end and the employer end. This site allows uploading of audio, resumes and related documents, as well as head shots and video CV and resumes.

How Easy is Visual CV to Use? is another one of those really simple to navigate sites. After you log in you drop right into your portfolio and can work the rest of the site from there. If you have trouble figuring something out, go to the Learning Center where all the answers are.

Is Better for Getting a Job?

VisualCV appears to be geared towards anyone wishing to do moderate to extensive networking or have the potential to do so.

While the site doesn't specifically show it, Visual CV seems to offer more to the marketing, technology, media, and related fields. This site would also be good for scholastic profiles and grant applicants.

The chances of landing employment are always increased with more exposure, which is what this site seems to offer in various ways. The effort in the exposure is up to the person in the profile.

How Flexible is to Use?

VisualCV has multiple uses and ways to 'get the word out' about yourself. Among these are the following:

  • Self Authored Web-bio
  • Business Networking Tool
  • Link to Blogs & Social Networking Sites
  • URL link ability to job sites and searches so that you can post the link to your profile in your online resumes.
  • Ability to embed files such as awards, letters of recommendation, and other citations.

What's the Cost and Limitations?

VisualCV is free to join and upload information at the time of this review. There will be a subscription base for resume help and other services in the future but when has not been stated.

What About Privacy and My Profile?

This site allows both a Public and Private Profile. The Private version is used only for those who you would want to share more than basic information with. The Public Profile does allow you to show your page to members only or the internet. To log into and join the site you only need provide a user name and email. Other information required, such as postal address, name, career information and such is kept to help gain a more accurate use of searches.

What Disadvantages Are There With

The 'Public' preview of your profile and video CV is accessible by anyone on the internet including harvester bots. You need to create a second 'Private' visual CV to keep personal information guarded.

Final Words

More than a video CV and video resume site. Visual CV has an active and running forum, the ability to download your profile as a PDF, the ability to use social networks, and the ability to maintain multiple public and private visual CV's.This site is genuinely world wide with more than half its member base being from outside the US and UK.

The information in this review is current as of June 2008.